The Monsters Breeding Hell (Erotic Horror)

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From an era when made for tv. Also the doctor turns into a deadly monster! Pretty scary, eh kids? Well, if you liked that scene, then you may love this movie, which features an entire island full of hundreds of little buggers that seem to be close cousins to said jungle mo'fo'. This low-budget period piece film tells the story of a group of people surviving a luxury liner shipwreck only to be stranded on an island full of the horrible aforementioned "beast creatures"!

Most of the running time consists of the survivors being gradually picked-off as they fend for their lives from an onslaught of tiny terror attacks! You will either find this film somewhat creepy or ridiculously hilarious depending on your outlook of such things! The first and shortest story is my favorite about an old woman who, after being murdered, comes back to take revenge by possessing the killer's baby - in her womb! After delivery the kid goes bonkers and attacks "daddy" who was also in on the murder! Very twisted! The other 2 stories never quite live up to the opening but are still interesting.

The second and goofiest one is a typical revenge-from-beyond curse story, but the last tale, about a man wrongly sent to death who comes back from the grave by performing a sacred reincarnation ritual, is quite moving! Note: Picture is a bit soft looking on this title. Count Frankenhausen returns from the dead to reak wreck? Ultra low-budget movie that is more horror than sex, some of the more graphic scenes appear to have been cut. Please note that there is a small unobtrusive tv logo in the corner of the picture.

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Wilke and Susan Foster. Oh yeah, and some chips too. A group of people must spend some time in a house seemingly inhabited by an umpire, sorry, vampire in order to gain a wealthy inheritance! Creepy AND funny!! And then there's this giant monster snake that shows up! No English dialogue, but fans of Asian gross-out films have gotta see this one to believe it! When the snakes ain't eatin' people, you got people eatin' snakes! The climax is an out-of-control fight between hundreds of snakes and a group of men armed with flame throwers!

Tastes like chicken! This is the ultra-rare English language version!

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Also available in a full-frame Cantonese language version with no subtitles. With Donald Sutherland in an early role! Includes brief theatrical trailer! Margaret Lee is cursed by an evil priest! Over-the-top gross-outs and definitely not for the squeamish!

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The police look for clues to connect the seemingly random killings in this obscure slasher film. Starring Yusaku Matsuda. Includes the original Japanese theatrical trailer! Note: Since this is from a Japanese source there is some very slight "fogging" on below-the-waist nudity. Looks nice otherwise!

Also includes the amazing 25 minute short film "Monsters We've Known and Loved", part of the tv series "Hollywood and the Stars". Narrated by Joseph Cotten featuring lots of excellent monster clips! Highly recommended! Please note that the picture is a bit osft looking but not too bad. This is the longer version of the English dubbed print.

Can you memorize all of that? Like Leon Klimovsky, but raunchier! Note: This was transferred from a Japanese VHS tape so a little bit of below-the-waist nudity has been "fogged". Of course, each doesn't know about the others troubled past. It seems innocent enough until murders begin to occur and Mills fears for her life. The suspicion falls upon Ward but all may not be as it seems in this entertaining thriller Oh, I almost forgot, you see the former Disney icon's boobies in this one!

All of the spoken dialogue is hand-signed! Please note that there are a few minor jumps in the picture but overall it is watchable.

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Crane, script by Ed Wood, Jr. Our copy looks very nice and includes the original theatrical trailer plus the original tv ad! Director Boos had previously worked on several of the Schoolgirl Report movies. Color on this print is a bit faded. Complete wide-screen picture looks very nice!

Contains the original theatrical trailer! Please note that the picture is soft looking on this title. Jekyll vs. With Mirta Miller. This is the uncensored version with nude scenes! Strikes Dr. Mabuse Jack Taylor uses mind controlling techniques to obtain government secrets! Police Inspector Thomas Fred Williams is called in to investigate the disappearances. With Ewa Stroemberg. Satan and the Black Magic Dr. Satan vs. Satan see above with English subtitles! He uses black magic to get an alchemy formula from an Asian scientist and take over the world!

My personal fave Spanish vampire flick! A pregnant woman traveling with her husband arrives at the castle of her ancestors unaware that she is carrying the last in the lineage of the Dracula family!

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Topless vampire chicks, a bizarre bat-faced person, and a strange cyclops child are amongst the fun in this atmospheric period piece horror! One of Klimovsky's best! The credits claim that this was based on Marvel Comics Group's "Tomb Of Dracula" but the story is entirely different as far as I can tell. Set in modern day Boston, Dracula picks a human bride and fathers a baby. In flashback we are told that he was once Vlad The Imapaler who, in death, was cursed to become a vampire.

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Like the comic book, he is more of a tragic anti-hero, taking on a group of Satanists, a mob of zombie-like vampires and the even The Devil himself! While this one is definitely for adults it is still pretty tame compared to some of the Anime coming out today. Definitely worth a look. Also available is the Toei produced animated Frankenstein feature. Frankenstein and his control over his monster and the recently revived Count Dracula!

Nice looking wide-screen picture on this rare English language version! Puts the viewer into a trance-like state! Dracula vs. Remember, this was made in , not in the Thirties!!

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How can you not own this movie!?! I have seen a few of the DVDs floating around on this title and ours looks much better to me. Nice looking picture on this upgrade! The humor is toned down a bit, there are some great zombies and ghosts and overall this film is much better then the first "Spooky Encounters" this is a sequel in name only and story-wise there is no connection.

Heavily Recommended! From the director of "La Papesse". Picture is somewhat washed-out looking but not too bad. Also with Gabrielle Tinti. Picture is a bit soft looking but watchable. Experimentos Macabros aka El Siniestro Dr. Frankenstein Kyofu densetsu: Kaiki! The voice of Frankenstein is by Masatada Komatsu. Looks really nice! See also Dracula - Sovereign of the Damned above!

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Words fail me! A real mess, but fun! And thre's a zombie in the subway systetm so how bad could it be? Starring Warhawk Tanzania. Includes the original tv ad! Includes the original tv ad plus tv ads for several other Mexican monster movies! Barbara Steele stars in this excellent gothic thriller! This is the overall best looking version of this movie I've ever seen. Pretty unusual but not very good. For completists only. Note: picture looks somewhat dark. Includes the original Italian theatrical trailer!

See also The Lovers of the Monster made by Garrone around the same time. The Haunting of M.

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He goes nutso and roams the city streets looking for victims to poke their eyeballs out! He adds the eyeballs to his hanging eyeball mobile! Many hate this film and some losers on the IMDB have even called this the worst horror film ever made but I thought it was pretty good, a bit offbeat and nicely paced! So sue me you eyeball hating bastards! Hiding Place ? Sensing her impending doom she devises a plan to escape the castle of sexual horrors, if only she can survive long enough to see it to fruition.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside: He stood abruptly and pulled Ava with him. They slipped through a door, which Ava had mistaken as a closet, and Ava found themselves in a private elevator. The terrible monsters screamed and groaned and those who could speak shouted out with their wild lust. Finally The Overlord stopped before a cage and smiled a wicked grin.

A large, giant beast came lumbering out. He was about ten feet tall and he was covered in grayish-brown skin. He had little neck, and what he did have was thick with ridges as it curved into a thick and monstrous head that resembled a gorilla.