Champions of the Horse: Saving Rare Breeds

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Within painting, she is passionate about workmanship and has been judging workmanship classes around the United States at live shows for a couple of years. Currently, she is working on creating more of a place for medallions in the hobby by getting them recognized at the national level. Website: www. She is continually perfecting her skills with ongoing studies in equine biomechanics, anatomy, and breed characteristics.

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Website: studiosommer. As a judge, do you have any pet peeves? Or particular characteristics of a model that draw your attention to that piece either in a positive or negative way? SL: The eyes, hooves, hair and detail on markings — when done well — certainly will draw my attention to a model in a positive light. SP: I love the one-of-a-kind ceramics classes because each model is unique. A good Original Finish judge is a perfectionist.

Sierra: I have been collecting seriously for about 5 years. Sierra: If I had to choose my favorite model, it would have to be Secretariet the new version. I would have to choose him because he is just a very well done model.

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His shading is remarkable, especially for a regular run, and he always places very well for me. Annabelle: All of my models are special to me, but my Indu is definitely my favorite. I got him at my first BreyerFest, and he has so many good memories from that trip attached to him.

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They all have such unique styles and talents. Go to the park, see the horses, go to the movies, play dates, etc. Again, Victoria championed the breed—she famously liked to ride one in stately fashion around Balmoral—as did painters such as Landseer, who recorded the ponies placidly lugging dead stags down from the hill.

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Fell and Dales These similarly built, rugged, mostly black ponies—the Dales is slightly larger and stronger, with a more rounded action —were crucial to the mining industry as pack-horses. Sharethrough Mobile. Hackney The Tiller Girl of the horse world, with its fastidious, high-stepping gait—hackney comes from the French haquenee : a horse with a comfortable trot—evolved in the s when Arab blood was introduced to create a sought-after flashy driving horse or pony in the Regency period and a superior roadster, a horse bred to race along roads, a sport particularly popular in East Anglia.

It was decided there should be a register of English trotting horses, a task taken on by Henry F.

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Shire By the 18th century, breeders were beginning to separate work horses into faster, lighter, sporting types and the heavier horses needed for farm work. The huge, powerful Shire, at about He decreed that, because the wild ponies were a nuisance to farmers, the ones too small for war should be culled. By the 18th century, however, Welsh farmers realised what a desirable commodity they had on their doorstep and began breeding them to sell at fairs. Welsh cob The versatile, feisty Welsh cob is referred to in , in the laws of Hywel the Good, who divided the local equines of his kingdom in south-west Wales into three groups: the Palfrey riding pony , Rowney or Sumpter packhorse and Equus Operarius working cob.

Supporters of the breed say the Cleveland Bay is the basis for the ideal hunter, showjumper and eventer. Fans include The Queen , who stepped in when the breed was close to extinction in the s and bought the colt foal, Mulgrave Supreme.

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Her Majesty made him available at public stud, helping to save the breed. Home News. Cleveland Bay Rare breeds.