Dance with the Elephant : Lifes Cosmic Equation

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However, the weak part of the equation is what one expects from God or the gods in return for such renunciation, since to enter the hypernomic must be a strengthening of will but will must have an objective other than merely pleasing the gods.


It is obvious that "relationship to surroundings" is somehow a key to "relationship to the hyponomic world". Gurdjieff proposed that our deeper impressions of the world contain elements of the higher worlds of the hypernomic, but all mixed up and only discernible to a consciousness having a similar "vibratory character" to that higher world to which such an impression belongs.

This is a very important characteristic of Gurdjieff's teaching, that higher worlds are compresent within our surroundings, this having resonance with an early Christianity in which "… the Kingdom of the Father is spread upon the Earth, but men see it not" [gospel of Thomas Log ].

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Just as a donkey in a library does not see books and cannot read them, a person without the will or "vibratory character" of the hypernomic world cannot make sense of those impressions within their situation. In a world in which the ego is trained from birth to focus on what it wants or what others want, and reject what it dislikes, there is evidently a need to look beyond the boundaries of what selves can do and to look instead at what is possible in the situation that may not be what one simply desires; a development presented by Gurdjieff in Beelzebub's Tales as a movement from attending to one's desires towards attending to non-desires.

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As a Sufi once put it: "Intelligence is in the situation" indicating that intelligence is not just in the selfhood, as is conventionally thought today. Religion is doing; a man does not merely think his religion or feel it, he lives his religion as much as he is able, otherwise it is not religion but fantasy or philosophy.

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The dead were thought to transmigrate to heaven or hell, long after monotheism had dislocated such destinations from the ancient Model as cosmic regions. These two pairs of cross-over locations were thought part of a cosmic mechanism or Mill that was slowly drifting due to the Precession of the Equinoxes, moving one sign every years. By the Classical Greek period the full details of this Model had been forgotten. The deceased were thought to benefit from knowledge of these structural niceties, a knowledge instilled orally, and through cultural exposure to a wide range of relatively oblique references within mythic tales, rituals and religious symbolisms.

The technical nature of the Model meant its truth could not be imparted by direct reason to ordinary people, who instead had to receive it within the pattern of their cultural life. Related Papers.

Earthdance: Chapter 21 - Cosmic Continuation

Cognitive Narratology and the Study of New Religions. By Carole Cusack. By Johanna Petsche. Download pdf.

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Understanding Our Universal Truths - Dance With The Elephant : Life's Cosmic Equation

Need an account? Click here to sign up. Military aircraft, however, failed to detect any unusual radiation in the indicated ocean sector, and defence intelligence experts soon concluded that the satellite had actually witnessed the explosion of an asteroid fragment, later estimated to have been the equivalent of a kiloton nuclear blast.

The President went back to bed.

Cosmic Dancers on History’s Stage? The Permanent Revolution in the Earth Sciences

For nearly a week, the plummeting trail of cometary fragments produced a succession of huge fireballs—equivalent to many million megatons of explosive energy—that left dark, temporary scars on the giant planet. Both of which, as Carl Sagan and others immediately pointed out, could be turned against Saddam Husseins on Earth as easily as neo s.

Essentially, these secrets prevent us from reaching for and achieving our cosmic destiny. Your journey through this book will guide you to ways of spirited dance with both the drama and trauma events of life. You will discover the true value both the yin and the yang have in fulfilling your life's destiny and your universal cosmic legacy. You will come to understand that in order to dance with the elephant you must dig deeper to find the me of life, and when you learn to grow deeper you can dance in harmony with the we of life.

When the dance is in harmony the unified creative power evokes new life discoveries. But the true test lies in the fact that the music of life has both high and low frequencies of the conscious and subconscious; the challenge is to learn how to dance to all the cosmic vibrations of life. This book includes a combination of breathtaking inspirational photos and insightful quotes from some of the worlds greatest minds and philosophers.