The Consistent Choice: For Better Living in a Better World

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My focus was on how our boys were doing and if they were thriving, rather than comparing myself to moms with more available volunteer time. Find the real meaning in your efforts. Meaning is a powerful way to overcome comparison to others as you focus on impact and contribution.

Time is our greatest asset. If we are intentional in how we use it, we have a better chance of living the life we want. How you start each day plays a big role in being intentional. Find a few minutes to think about how you want to spend your day, both in terms of time and the thoughts you want to have. Prayer, meditation, exercise and a little quiet time to think can have a monumental impact on your day, week and year. I always ask my clients when they can create this thinking and planning time, and where this can best occur.

My most important decisions and changes began after I had the time to really think about what I wanted. Predictable days and habits keep us in a rut. Every week, pick one new small change you want to make. Even a small change, such as watching an interesting TED Talk while getting ready in the morning or experimenting with a new menu item on the grill can trigger new energy. Listening is the most powerful learning tool and relationship builder you have at your disposal, but in our fast-paced, technology-driven world, it is wildly underutilized.

Ask questions and really listen, rather than thinking about what you are going to say next.

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Your full attention is one of the greatest compliments you can give to someone. The desire to always be right can overshadow even the strongest relationship. Being right at all costs might fulfill an inner need you have, but often at the expense of someone or something else. Consider this situation: Is there only one answer? I will describe what I am saying down below. Say, for example, you were getting verbally abused. You are in your bed, listening to the love of your life, telling you that he hates you and that he doesn't love you anymore.

Finding your life vision

It hurts like Hell, and there doesn't seem anything to be grateful about at all. You are just sitting alone in your bed, with your pajamas on, and that's it.

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I think normally, and most people would agree that this is a pretty shitty situation and that there is nothing to be grateful at the moment. But in my utopia world, there wouldn't be such a thing as a sad, or a shitty situation. It would be normal for people to feel depressed, but it would also be normal for people, to feel grateful that they are able to feel the soft comfort of their bed, as they cry themselves to sleep,and that the situation wasn't that bad after all.

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What I am saying, is that having a society, that defines itself to have certain expectations on what is good, depressing, or sad, in a way is depressing to one's self. For example, most people may find it unfortunate to go to a public school, that ranking system-wise, is very bad. However, that girl didn't even have the opportunity to go to school. Women were suppressed education wise, in the country that she was living in, and she couldn't be happier. The concluding statement that I am making is, is that as a society, we should define less on who is unfortunate and blessed and that we take in the gratefulness, no matter how small it is.

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There would be no defining on what, or who is unfortunate and blessed, in my utopian society. Check out my blog, at ocdtalk. Email me your story dealing with OCD and anxiety, at tryingandfighting. There are some seven principles to live a better and prosperous life. Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Read more. How can we lead a better life? Update Cancel. What are the biggest tracker networks and what can I do about them? You dismissed this ad.

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. Answered May 26, In my personal opinion here are few ways one might be able to lead a better life - Love yourself - Along with the lack of clean water and air is also the lack of self love, people go through life seeking love from other people not realizing that when you don't love yourself you can love someone else truly. Make learning an everyday habit. Each morning, wake up to a new lesson delivered to your inbox.

How do I change myself to lead a better life? Should life be better and better, why? How should I lead my university life?

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What do you do everyday to lead a better life? Updated Oct 31, Know what you want : Define a better life that you want. Is that money which matters the most to you or some peaceful time with your family. Choose a profession which helps you move further towards your ultimate goal.

Don't work for money if your current job has no relation to your target whatsoever. Better work for free and learn invaluable lessons from an industry mentor which will be beneficial throughout your life. Choose Wisely : I have seen people spending hours in a shopping mall because they can't decide what to buy. We spend so much time in deciding what to wear and where to go for dinner, but we can't choose our friends wisely. Your friend circle can reveal your future, the people who hang out with determines who you really are. Choose your company wisely and don't be scared to be alone if you don't have such people in life.

Respect what you have : We often get sad about things we don't have in life and ignore what we have. If you respect what you already have, we focus on the positive aspect of our life. What we have today was also what we were praying for yesterday and that's the reason gratitude is the key to a better life. Carry a notepad : Write down important dates, notes from your morning meeting, grocery list and your anniversary. These small details make a huge difference in life. A lot of you must be thinking of making a note on your phone which is handier but making notes on your phone is a rigorous process for people who forget why they picked up their phone at the first place, not to check your Instagram notification buddy.

Writing it down is a lot better than typing it down. Stop comparing : You can't be him and he can't be you. Stop comparing yourself with others. You are in your timezone and he is in his, you both want different things in lives then what's the point in comparing. Comparison only makes you feel worse about yourself. This is your own battle, you are the hero of your life; don't compare yourself with a supporting actor.

Are you struggling emotionally? Take this test. This short survey and see if affordable online therapy can help you because you deserve it. Rlwh c EvWP o Uq m mr. Answered Sep 12, Answered Jul 22, Answered Jun 24, Answered Sep 2, Why: I could be more grateful for my blessings if I could fully take in the blessings, of feeling the soft curtain beneath my feet. Life is beautiful: Check out my blog, at ocdtalk. Answered Oct 24, Originally Answered: How can I lead my life better?

Set a goal! This is how we can give direction to the energies within us. So that in the end of the day you are satisfied with your performance, and have a sound sleep. Be Positive Always try to find good in every situation, everything happens for a reason, its our perspective of looking at every situation which makes us happy or sad. Thus to live a happy life we should look at the positive side in every situation. Love Yourself Love and pamper yourself sometimes its important for self motivation.

Be happy and enjoy your own company, take out time for yourself and do extra activities which you enjoy like jogging, painting, listening music, etc. Specially your parents and teachers as they are the ones who have given you life and molded you in such a beautiful way. Be like a magnet and attract good people towards you, and keep the bonds strong. Answered Feb 23, It All Starts with You. As with everything in life, the key to the abundant living is our beliefs, as what we believe we experience. Believe in universal abundance and in receiving its unending supply. Allow prosperity on all levels of your being to bring happiness, joy, and love into your life.

These are the signs of a truly prosperous being. There Is More to Prosperity than Money. Prosperity includes relationships and health, as well. Without enjoyable relationships, your wealth can eventually become meaningless. Without health, you cannot enjoy the benefits of your abundance. Prosperity is not defined only physically, but on mental and spiritual levels as well. Discover What You Really Want. Recognize areas of your life in which you are already prosperous, maybe your relationships or health.

This will help you to begin attracting prosperity in other areas, such as in your finances. Ask yourself what it is you want. If you are not sure of what you want, clarify for yourself what it is you do not want. We should, he proposed, live in a way that enables us to explore and reflect on the ordinary happenings of life, as well as the extraordinary.

We should also try to act out ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Other people have also suggested that Compassion and Gratitude should also be included.

What 10 Things Should You Do Every Day To Improve Your Life?

Our page on Ethics in Professional Life explores the idea that they are important for others professionally. But they are also equally important to all of us outside work, and our page on Ethical Consumption explains more about this. They are determined to lead the best life possible, and to find the right way to do that. This may be rather a philosophical point, but it is the idea that we, as humans, are above animals. We have the capacity to reason, and to choose to live within a moral and ethical framework.

Maslow suggested that we had basic needs, such as a need for food and shelter, which must be met before we could think about anything else. Once we have satisfied these, then we look for safety and security, then love and belonging. At the very top of the hierarchy is self-actualisation, the need for personal growth and development. The general view accepted by most academics is that animals are not capable of this, so this is what makes us human.