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However, in spite of the several studies already done on learning, many challenges are still being discussed.


Among them: the one which states that organizational learning is essential for the comprehension of how organizations develop along time. The discussion on knowledge is a main issue as far as the debate on learning is concerned.

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  • Descortinando os processos da aprendizagem organizacional no desenvolvimento de competências.

Organizational learning, as a lens PRANGE, allows us to approach the appropriation of knowledge by the organization. Yet, learning involves more than the creation of individual knowledge, including its utilization and institutionalization in the organization. The result of organizational learning is the acquisition of a new competence: an ability to apply new knowledge to improve the performance of a present or future activity.

Therefore, the assumption that competences are related to organizational learning is implied in this work.

Despite the fact that some authors have shown that there is a relationship between competences and learning, few empirical studies bring evidences that support it. In an attempt to overcome this challenge, this work was aimed at analyzing the organizational learning processes which occurred in two Higher Education Institutions following the offer of Higher Education Technological Courses and its respective demand by determined organizational competences either new or not.

The sector of professional education was chosen to hold the case studies.

Descortinando os processos da aprendizagem organizacional no desenvolvimento de competências

The theoretical construction has attempted to articulate conceptual elements inherent to the competences and organizational learning categories. I have realized that to advance in the knowledge of the themes it was necessary to correlate them with change and circulation of knowledge in the organizational level.

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Enhance your skill set and boost your hirability through innovative, independent learning. An understanding of Intro to Statistics , especially Lessons 8, 9 and 10 , would be helpful. Students should also have some experience in programming perhaps through Introduction to CS and a familiarity with Neural Networks as covered in Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity. You will learn about and practice a variety of Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning approaches.

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Supervised Learning is an important component of all kinds of technologies, from stopping credit card fraud, to finding faces in camera images, to recognizing spoken language. Our goal is to give you the skills that you need to understand these technologies and interpret their output, which is important for solving a range of data science problems. And for surviving a robot uprising. Closely related to pattern recognition, Unsupervised Learning is about analyzing data and looking for patterns.

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It is an extremely powerful tool for identifying structure in data. This section focuses on how you can use Unsupervised Learning approaches -- including randomized optimization, clustering, and feature selection and transformation -- to find structure in unlabeled data. Reinforcement Learning is the area of Machine Learning concerned with the actions that software agents ought to take in a particular environment in order to maximize rewards.

You can apply Reinforcement Learning to robot control, chess, backgammon, checkers, and other activities that a software agent can learn.

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