Miniature Schnauzer: Your Happy Healthy Pet

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Adopting from a Rescue Group. Puppy, Adolescent, or Adult? To Show or Not to Show? Shopping for Your Dog. Mini Schnauzer Essentials. Choosing and Using a Pet Carrier. Puppy-Proofing Your Home. Finding a Veterinarian. Chapter 6: Feeding Your Miniature Schnauzer. Choosing a Dog Food. Reading Dog Food Labels. Choose an Eating Area. Stick to a Schedule. Avoid Bad Table Manners.

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Chapter 7: Grooming Your Miniature Schnauzer. Grooming Equipment. Training Your Puppy to Like Grooming. Eye Care. Teeth and Gums. Nail Clipping Tips. Tending to the Ears. Coat Care. Preventing Fleas and Ticks. Making Your Environment Flea Free. The Bath. Inherited Diseases.

Internal Parasites. Common Problems. When to Call the Veterinarian. Chapter 9: Training Your Miniature Schnauzer. Understanding Builds the Bond. Practical Commands for Family Pets. Training for Attention. Teaching Cooperation. Chapter Housetraining Your Miniature Schnauzer. Your Housetraining Shopping List. The First Day. Confine Your Pup. Watch Your Pup. Accidents Happen. Scheduling Basics. Some Good Books. Clubs and Registries.

Miniature Schnauzer FAQs

Web Sites. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD These breeders just breed with money in mind rather than to create healthy happy dogs.

Miniature Schnauzer

Pet stores often buy puppies from puppy mills. So make sure to also avoid pet store when buying your Mini Schnauzer. Show-quality dogs are more expensive. If you just want a dog for your family, you might be able to find one for less. If you want more help choosing a puppy, check out our Puppy Search Guide. Miniature Schnauzer puppies are the cutest things on the planet. Given the potential health risks, it may save you money and heartache down the line. Pups are usually available at about eight weeks old.

You can find out about their development stages here. Caring for a Mini Schnauzer puppy is a big responsibility. But we have some great guides to help you with all aspects of puppy care and training. Also, they will have different qualities to purebred dogs of both breeds.

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But, you still need to be careful and responsible if you plan to adopt a mix. Both parents should be tested for genetic issues, and the health of your pup should be examined carefully. Check out the Mini Schnauzer mixes below! Take a look at some similar breeds that might be perfect for your family. They can suit city or country living if they get their regular exercise. This is also an intelligent breed that takes well to training.

If you know any other great Mini Schnauzer rescues, let us know in the comments so we can add them to this list! Still have a wonderful MS who has just turned 14 years. We live in a city and we have trained her to walk without a leash with us. Took some patience, lots of love and most importantly only positive stimulation. A little snack everytime she stopped at the curb, sat on command or returned when called.

Dog Health and Care for Mini Schnauzers

Great little dog we can take with us wherever we go. Healthwise she has allergic skin issues. We have taken to grainless foods but sometimes she still has itch attacks where overnight she will chew two bald patches. Antihystamine injections at vet always work. Now she is getting old she has catharac which means in the dark-dusk she has to go on the leash as she loses us. Can still run around and lark when she meets a goodlooking wirehaired Dachshund. Has always been a lovely dog with our kids when they were very small. Very family oriented and cuddly.

She was diagnosed with lymphoma. My heart was broken. They truly are a wonderful breed.

Our newest schnauzer, Henry, is 3 mos. He is our 5th schnauzer. After our last schnauzer passed from a liver tumor that burst. Remy was only 10 yrs old we thought we would never have another dog, it just hurt too much to lose him. But then, after a year, we began to want another fuzzy face. So then came Henry. But, once you own a schnauzer you will probably always have one. All we can do is be happy while they are here and know that we have given them the best life we could. God bless all dogs and dog lovers. They are the best!! Such great personalities. I lost my 1st schnauzer from cancer….

He was the best little guy…close to perfect as you could get. Bonnie was my first MS and lived to 17 and was healthy her whole life except for cataracts at around Stormie was my second and only made 10 years old due to G I lymphoma. Both were wonderful doggies. Bonnie was raised by a 75 lb put bull named Chopper who made 15 yrs. Now I have Mystie who is 3 in May. What a character! I hope she outlives me cannot go thru the heartbreak again. Do alot of research on your breeder, due to relatively high cost of breed many are only looking to turn a fast buck or adopt and rescue.

Also do alot of research on pet food and use top quality like Orijen, Arcana, Fromme. I grew up with mini schnauzers. We had one that lived to be Just bought my last one in December for my husband. Then my husband passed a month ago. I feel so bad for little Duece.

But he has finally stopped whimpering constantly and now sticks close to me. Wonderful, smart amazing dogs. We already had two Miniature Schnauzers. The other one has just left. She was turning 12 this Feb. I lost her on Jan. She was so cue. Both were great. I a thinking one more and know well how to handle and take care of little pet doggy miniature Schnauzer. I miss very badly. I have also my spouse who was in military. It would be great t have one more Schnauzer and I love this breed. We have 3 miniature schnauzers.

They are extremely intelligent, gorgeous to look at and fairly obedient. They have their moments. I told my husband as I have had dogs before they will settle at 3 then 4 then 5. Not a chance at 10 2 of them they are still fiesty and headstrong but just the way we love them. My younger one is 8 and she is such a good dog. Fiesty but very loving and obedient sometimes. All are great with children and other dogs. My next dog will defo be another MS.

Best dog ever. She was Black and White Super intelligent. Extremely Loveable. We have a white MS that will be 15 in April He has had bladder stones, has liver issues, has had pancreatitis, cushings disease, now Addisons sp? He is being held together with meds and proper diet right now which is day to day. Vomiting is under control but the poop can swing from firm to soft daily. We have over 15, in vet bills in the last few years from emergency hospital stays and surgery.

Unfortunately, he had had pretty much everything possible a MS is known to get. With all that said, we love this dog and would do anything to keep him comfortable which he is to live out his life. My name is Lee, I have had two males before Gracie, I was single and met my wife through a Schnauzer breader as we had both recently lost our Schnauzers, Claudia had two before we met as well. Gracie is the reason we met and we worship the ground she walks on. They are all scary smart and if loved and played with they are a blast, we have a very large house and play sneak up and goose the other person, she can beat me easily but sometimes lets me win, I will peak around a corner to sneak up on her and she learned to peek around the corner to sneak up on me.

She will hide when I get close and bust out of hidding to goose me and run.

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One word of caution, once you get your first Schnauzer you will get another one, we have talked to so many Schnauzer owners that will neve get another bread and we agree. Schnauzers for lifers as we call ourselves. These little dogs are actually a human brain trapped in a cute, sweet, cuddly dogs body. All of our dogs have been really scary smart, so scary smart that they amaze you every single day, they like to be large and in charge and will absolutely go out of their way to make you smile.

Tough as nails and are no means wimpy. Best cuddlers on the planet that will never not want to be without you unless they are stalking you to goose and run. My mini schnauzer is a mix with a rat terrier. Daisy Mae looks exactly like a mini schnauzer except for her blond color. She is my Service Animal, so we are always together. Before I retired, she came to work with me. We go to church, dine out, go grocery shopping together — her favorite outing is the library. Her BFF is a great guy who works there and will inherit her if she outlives me.

I have had many dogs in my life, but I never had such a loving and smart dog as my Daisy Mae. I would recommend a mini schnauzer to anyone, and if you are lucky enough to find a good mix, all the better. We are now living with our second female Miniature Schnauzer Ebi Lou. She will turn 12 this October 30, She has been a smart, sweet, intelligent, spunky joy in our family. Recently, her whole routine changed dramatically. She stopped eating 1st thing, is resting more. Our previous Miniature Schnauzer, Mims, was with us for 14 wonderful years.

We love our Miniature Schnauzers. They are wonderful, enjoyable family members! My Galliana was a party color mini schnauzer that passed away about 2 years ago of some type of kidney disease. She was 13 years old. She was the most amazing little buddy. She followed me everywhere and lay beside me on the couch when watching tv.

Always had to be near me. She was extremely sweet and amazingly intelligent. We trained her to do agility courses and she was very good at it. As others have mentioned, horrible on a leash. She would charge after any dog she saw and ring her own neck when the leash reached its limit. We switched to a harness for connecting the leash to keep her from damaging her neck. They do tend to be a little yappy though. I miss her terribly. I recently got another party color mini schnauzer named Ellemae. They are great dogs.

I highly recommend the breed. We have a white one he is only 5 years old He is just as sweet, gentle and understanding. He was bought for our grand kids. Our sweet Bolt was bought at an breeder. When Bolt was just a couple months old wefound out he was full of all the type of worms The vet did not expect him to make it.

But he did. We had several emergencies with him He had got a holded of a rib bone and it ldge n this throat. Then he was posion. At our fence in yard.

Miniature Schnauzer FAQs

Or he has lmHA he had a low blood count and found out he has a heart murmur. He had to have a blood transfusion and believe not make it but with lots love and care sofar he has been around 4 months past what we were told. This is one tough dog He is also my therapy dog. I have a Black Mini Schnauzer who just turned 6. We are so attached to each other. She had one bladder infection summers ago but no other health issues thus far. She gets anxious around children or around a lot of activity such as family gatherings, but I attribute that to her daily quiet surroundings, just the 2 of us.

I would get another Mini in a heartbeat. I hope she stays healthy for a long time to come! We have a chocolate schnauzer named Hershey. I love watching him and the 2 yr old play , it is so cute and funny. He is a barker though and is terrible on his leash as well. He is also very very stubborn. I think. He is such a good boy. I had problems with my Daisy Mae on the leash, too. At only 15 pounds, she can drag me down the street. I tried a lot of different collars and methods until I discovered The Gentle Leader.

I have had several I just had to put one down she was only 6 she had kidney disease and a heart murmur she had the best personality of any I had she was not a barker neither was the one previous I would not have any other breed they are the best!! I have a miniature Schnauzer, she is salt and pepper, 6 month old. My granddaughter breed s these dogs, she gave my little dog. I love this dog so much. She has changed my life so much.

I feel bad to know that these dogs are so pron to these deases. Thank you for this information. I had two one was 2 years old I had to put her down because of infection and an other was 6 years old she had kidney failure I highly recommend insurance healthy paws is a good company to look at but they are the best I miss her every day. Just to let you know I have had 6 mini Schnauzers. I was truly blessed.

Just first love them like they will love you, feed well, regular exercise and vet checks and lots of exercise and socialization. Do this and you will have the Best Breed in the world for a long time. Good article with great information on miniature schnauzers. I recently had to put down the first schnauzer I owned. Her name was Heidi and she developed congestive heart failure and then a month later was found with a large tumor on her spleen that burst. With the heart condition and her being 13 years old, it was almost certain she would not survive the surgery.

We had to make the decision to put her down. My husband and I miss her very much! She suffered with allergies and infections from time to time in her ears because of the allergies.