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The King heard this, truly knew that deceased yet living after the body. With the rest of all rejoicing in jubilation, obtained the never have had before. The above is quoted from the Surangama Sutra translated into English, by me :]. Surangama Sutra has been disparaged by many, both in the Chinese language source and others.

Here I will bypass to tangle in examining its authenticity. IMO it's the Buddha's Sutra as solid as the rest. It's said that this is the 1st Sutra to disappear at the ending of Dharma time; the last is the mantra "Namo Amitabha". If you read this conversation between King Prasenajit and Buddha, you will get that there is the essence of you that will never die, as King Prasenajit.

I got it when reading this part. Since I'd known the non-dying in me in other experience, I was not as exhilarated as the King and others, only slightly gladdened. Hopefully it works for you, and brings about the same effect ;. Else try to contemplate few more times to get it. Wow, I'll leave this to later maybe, since my answer is so long now, and not sure if I could produce an accurate answer My person does not know how it would be possible to draw a lasting border between this and that How ever Well instructed disciples of the Buddha do not waste much of their time with their identity, self, whether there is a self or not, but focus simply on suffering and the end of it.

To best do so, they usually cut off what ever might be grasped as own, unuseful refuge, what ever might bind, seeing it as not real and secure. Doing that way systematical they overcome suffering, birth, oldage and decay. Note: this is not given for trade, exchange, stacks or to entertain for sufferings sake but as a tiny door to escape from this wheel.

In his conversation, with King Prasenajit, and in his previous conversations with Ananda and group, he does prove the existence of an unchanging presence of awareness -- an awareness that knows all the changes, but is itself free from changes of any kind! It's not a "self" in the sense of the term that it's not a thinking, deciding entity -- thinking and deciding are mental processes that take place in the presence of awareness!

Even consciousness, unconsciousness, all take place in the presence of awareness -- that is why Buddha gave so much importance to The Cessation state or Niroddha Samapatti -- because in this state, when all perceptions and thoughts have ceased, one still is aware -- the presence of awareness is still there, otherwise "who" or "what" experiences Nirvana -- how is the experience of Nirvana possible without an awareness being present there to acknowledge it?!

This is what the Buddha meant when he said that he teaches "the path to the deathless" -- "This is the unborn, undead, unfabricated awareness" -- and Nirvana is the proof of it! Think about it, Folks -- how can cessation state be permanent, or deathless? It's just a temporary state which the meditator experiences, and then one again returns back to the ordinary consciousness -- it is not cessation that is permanent, but rather it is the awareness, that is present in cessation when all contents have disappeared, which is referred to as Deathless here.

Because, irrespective of the contents of the mind, whatever state of jhana mind may be in, there is always a presence of awareness that knows all of these states -- even unawareness is registered as a discontinuity between experiences, in the presence of same awareness! Now, dependant origination applies to everything else in the Conditioned world -- every Conditioned entity arises and passes away, and its arising and passing away are based on causes and conditions! Emptiness in Buddhism refers to the lack of any absolute self-nature of dhammas.

Now think about it -- how can the existence of any object be confirmed without the presence of an awareness field in which its perception takes place? How the existence of an object can be inferred, other than the perception of it? And what perceives it, if not the presence of awareness?! All confusions that have taken place between Vedanta and Buddhism is because of the difference in language and dialect -- Buddhism defines terminology differently from that of Vedanta -- e.

Vijnana consciousness actually is the reaction in the chitta field, which is caused by any of the six senses. Now in Advaita, consciousness means the ultimate subjective presence of awareness that watches the activities of the mind -- according to Vedanta, senses are observed by mind, and mind is observed by consciousness! Apart from different words, Buddhism relies on a different causation model called pratityasammutpada or dependant origination, but Advaita uses the idea of Vivartavada or principle of superimposition!

One last thing,here some people mistake the "observer self" that is encouraged in Buddhist practises of Vipassana, for the "Witnessing consciousness" in Advaita! They are different things -- the "observer mind" in Buddhism, which is used for mindfulness practises, is actually the trained mental faculty of observation: it's not the consciousness! And going further, he reviews bones covered with skin, flesh and blood, and he knows the unbroken stream of consciousness as established in this world and established in the next.

And going further, he reviews bones covered with skin, flesh and blood, and he knows the unbroken stream of consciousness as both unestablished in this world and unestablished in the next. It may appear at early stages there is and observer. But later on it becomes apparent that even "the observer" is not unbroken stream or permanent hence not self. Deeper Vipassana separates them. Discourses on Satipatthana Sutta - S. Also see this answer which has further elaboration. In Buddhism both extremities of there is a self and here is no self is rejected. For more information see this answer and this answer.

Anatta is non-self, which is neither 'self' brahmanism nor 'not-self' annihalationism. Nothing is annihalationist and whilst the 'sphere of nothingness' is one of the last states the mind experiences before cessation, it is not the goal and is 'wrong view'. In my mind, I see it as whenever you draw a border or concrete dividing line between two concepts, you create a construct that does not appear in experience - every 'thing' is correlated to every other 'thing',.

There is no 'solid' base to stand on within experience. No permanent soul or substance transmigrates within Buddhism. The Buddha simply saw the consequence that Anatta has fo 'the all' and all within it - regularity for a modern scientist, on average. And even then this is still an essentialist definition. Because rebirth is a construct that concerns 'the all' there is never a concrete barrier to block where a person, 'soul', goes within the Buddhist universe, so it can't be though of with regards to only a fraction of experience , it can't be based on relational constructs..

But these are the only constructs we can know conceptually, as they are the only ones we experience. If Existence is 'infinite' and effectively has all states present at all times, then somewhere or other, a being dying with X Kamma, will always be succeeded by a being born into conditions fitting X Kamma. Rebirth is to be understood or not understood fully by a mind that has had long and persistent training in Jhana imo..

When one annihilates all delusion of self, all defilments are overthrown, and one rests in Liberation, there is nothing to be reborn. There is no "eternal" - which is only a notion of time unending. Advaita is the idea that an eternal self reincarnates throughout the universe. However in Buddhism the "ultimate" mystery is Emptiness which although the mind powerfully moved by it, ultimately is inconceivable, unknowable. This Emptiness is the essential nature of everything, but it lacks a "self" nature.

Emptiness is beyond any concept of time and space, birth and death, being and non-being. So, it isn't a self that reincarnates in Buddhist conjectures, but something else. The television channels have convicted him. That is why I say in this atmosphere a fair trial may not be possible. A fair trial is the right of every accused. Do HELL with her demon mind.

Thank you very much for spreading this wisdom. Firstly could you please write something about "Akashic Records" in detail. Is it something like the 'internet of the cosmos'? And secondly I know eating turmeric helps people with speech problems. Could you please suggest some remedies to cure stammering? I stammer sometimes, but this problem was not there during my childhood, it only erupted in the last seven years. I am 30 years now. If it is a physical problem there are Ayurveda treatments. For example one of them is to make a paste of Indian Gooseberry Amla with pure ghee and have this slowly daily.

And keep your mouth open to sunlight by reflection with a mirror for a brief time. In ancient days the stammer party used to lick honey out of a fresh Peepal leaf to get magic cures. Thank you sir for this lovely post. It is much needed for the ignorants. Also sir,the scientists found out that DNA can be reprogrammed using sound! There is this huge article on it on collective-evolution.

Im sure you will know how much of it is true after reading it. Sir,what is Eugenics? Is it an Ancient Vedic practice or rather a science? Sorry to bother you with more questions,just curiosity and you teach best Sir. Cant even think of asking anyone else. Thank you so much again for these killer posts! With full Respect, Sameer. Do you allow this in this blog? With the Vedic Sri-Yantra, is it possible to unify the 'strong nuclear force', the 'weak nuclear force', 'gravity' and 'electromagnetism' in one single equation?

Could you also write something about the ancient day long fire-ritual in Kerala where the 'mantras' chanted have no parallel in speech or music and the nearest reference could be in animal sounds or bird-songs because they belong to a time even before the birth of speech? And also about the M gene pool in south-India?

I'm sure BBC has vested interests behind this series, so could you please throw some light on these topics? And lastly is it possible to re-create 'Soma Rasa' in today's world? Hi capt. If possible please dedicate a post for origin of music from samaveda. HINDU word was coined by the white christian invader.

And their distances are governed by the vedic golden mean of 1. The Sri Yantra is years older than the Egyptian Pyramids. The average pages load time is 1. It has , visitors and , page views per day. Currently, this site needs more than One of the greatest post I have read on religion Many thanks for this Regards Ashok. Ajitji, Would like to know more from you regarding following The controversy on jyotirmath as after swami brahmananda Sarswati who accepted request to lead after 20years of persuasions and had mahesh yogi,karpatriji alias swami hariharananda as his disciples but today the highest matha has become a place of controversies..

Only shringeri math has no dispute related to succession whereas all three others puri,dwarika and jyotirmath are with differences. Dasanan Akhara established by shankra is also in the same path of disputes. How come kanchi kam koti came in the line of peethas when four earmarked mathas were established bt adi shankara and one of them was to control kamakshi temple. My lmited knowledge can go further thru your extensive knowledge on the subject. Each mutt was assigned one Veda.

These 4 mutts are the originals of advaita Hinduism. Smriti is also considered a written source; it differs from Sruti in that Smriti does not have divine origins. A matha is usually more formal, hierarchical, and rule-based than an ashram. He established 8 mathas directly and several others were also established by him and also by his disciples. Pejavara Adamaru Puthige Palimar Kaniyooru Shiroor Sodhe Krishnapura matha Once in a while you see the Mutt heads booby trapped by Christian missionary forces using their bribes police and politicians into sex and murder scandals.

The Brahmins in India usually ask. Why Namboodiris from Kerala? Today if you go to Adi Shankaracharya's Mookambika temple of Kollur, Karnataka , the Kannadigas try to drag the chariot , and the thing wont move.

Routinization (1978–Today)

If you put a Keralite he need NOT be a namboodiri in the pulling group, the chariot moves, as per legend. One of these days I intend to verify this myself. More and more mutts are coming up , seeded by political kingmakers — and this started with the British. The records and history are all fudged.

Self Realization Glossary of Words Hinduism Spirituality Bhagavad Gita god realized

This is all to break the unity of Hindus. Hello Mr. Ajit Vadakayil, Myself swamynathan from Bangalore, a regular reader of your blog. You have literally taught us the vedanta, upanishads, Philosophies with scientific approach. My thirst to understand the above things is almost quenched. The most interesting among all is the advaita philosophy.

Now, i could imagine the brahmAn - its dimensions, what is jiva's state over there, that place where space and time doesnt exist, we can transform as per our wish etc. OMG, nothing in this universe can give even 0. Thanks for explaining these difficult concepts clearly. Now, I went through visistadvaita.

It is a non-dualism philosophy as far i understand. Please clarify the visistadvaita philosophy in detail as how you have explained advaita. Also, pls explain ramanujacharya's other important works. This is my humble request. Ajitji, Many thanks for the detailed response to my query One thing which always put me in deep search that why none of the saints other than Hinduism could not develop followers in other religions.

Leave aside force conversions,no other religion could motivate any ardent Hindu to feel converted and even follow. Whereas scores of saints from our country have developed mass following in all the countries of the world and many learned persons from other religions adopted Hinduism. Your expertise can throw more light on this. Every intelligent person born in any religion will ask questions to the heads about so many things and when satisfactory answers are not offered,he shall look at others to seek spiritual satisfaction.

The Evolutes of Maya – Part 2

Warm regards to your family. There is great tolerance to other cultures and spiritual paths. The heart of Hinduism is oneness and inclusivity.. Hinduism has never advocated conversion, all are aware of this truth. Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism- the only religion without an agenda.

Only religion without a mere mortal human as a god— ours is the morphogenetic consciousness field, with any number of deities to imagine this force. Human acts without conscience which creates conflict is called Adharma. India is run by the laws of Dharma, the fundamentals of Dharma are following the laws of the universe — vegetarianism, respect, grace, restraint, love, non-violence, lack of jealousy , and austerity. Manu wrote that polluting the environment was a punishable offence. The whole idea of Vaastu was to construct something without disturbing the flow of nature and interrupting natural flow of energy.

It is about peaceful co-existence.. There can be NO inquisition in Hinduism. Today a Muslim cannot convert to any other religion , as the laws of Sharia will cause him to be beheaded. You cannot be a Hindu heretic , because there is no standard set of dogmas in Hindu faith , written or unwritten, from which deviation could make you a heretic. Divorce rate within Hindus is the lowest in the world--it is a mindset.. We take care of aged parents. When a Hindu says "thank you", he really means it. When a Hindu greets you with a Namaste, he bows to the greatness in you.

So nowadays we have our foreign funded TV shouting from the tree tops what a bad place India is, and this cuts NO ice with tourists who flock here. Capt, A proof to your repeated mentions that Hindus were the ones who built all these ancient structures in Greece and Egypt. Captain, in your last comment, you say that the Sringeri mutt is the original one and the Kanchi mutt is not one of the original ones. How can this be? Isnt the Kanchi kamakotti Sankaracharya the most original of the Adi Sankaracharya's lineage? Pls clarify. Ajit, This has got to be the best post of yours, so much information in this, the double slit experiment was really very interesting to know Also any brief idea on where to get atleast some of Adi Shankara's works with proper translations?

Dwaita views were taken in for the convenience of beginners is bhakthi yoga, who felt being one with God will end their bhakthi - which for them is the longing to merge. Shiva is the son of Sthanu first prajapathi and son of brahma and Vishnu the son of Kashyapa. Both Shiva and Vishnu are considered absolute brahma because thats what they are. Both are peak of Yoga and thus highest available representation of ParamBrahmam, along with the creator Brahma. Only ignorant compare them - like comparing the essence of Sun and Surya. And yes some people do put up such questions because they hold a part of the crore invested by Congress to malign the social media and to divide the naive hindus.

Reply Delete Replies Capt. This is represented by the Trishul trident of Shiva where the preserver is the mediator , between creator and destroyer. Do NOT read trash on the internet — all poison injected by the white Christian invader to belittle Hindusim. None of these small minds, have the perception to comprehend the wisdom and glory of Hindusim. Delete Reply. Vedic viki April 26, at PM Hi capt. So if saraswati was the epicentre then where was the seat of gandhara kingdom, Somewhere in saraswati basin??

Were they of Indian origin And the followers of sanatan dharma too??? Could you also refer me some sources or books where I can read about them in detail. Mahabharata texts say that in Sat yuga there were no gandharvas and they had their origins in treta yuga and then began to multiply fast and suddenly became very powerful, They were great devotees of Shiva, But I dont know about the place of their origin!!

One of the earliest Aryan King Pururavas married beautyful apsara Urvashi from Gandhara, was his time contemporary to the Gandharva empire? ReplyDelete Replies Capt. Ajit Vadakayil April 26, at PM hi vv, emperor vikramadita's father himself was a gandharva, with the seat at ujjain in BC. This lingam is smeared with hot ashes from the burning ghats to extract the DNA. The Harasiddhi temple has one of the oldest sri yantras. According to Shiva-purana, when Lord Shiva carried away the burning body of his wife Sati from the sacrificial fire of Daksha-prajapati, her elbow fell on this spot.

Mythological sanctity of the invisible and underground river Saraswati, associated with the story of Triveni-sangam, is attributed to ujjayini. Hello sir This might be a stupid question but if Adi Shankara was born in BC, what about the stories about him defeating the Buddhist scholars and reviving Hinduism? Hello sir After reading your blog im aware that Indian history has been hijacked by the invaders.

Radhakrishnan accepted the placing of him in the mid 8th century CE, so thats why i had the doubt. From where do you get them with english meanins. Can you please tell the best translated author for Vedas in English. Griffith is this a good book. Please suggest a good E-book for Vedas in English. Guruji what about books of Gita Press,Gorakhpur. Ajit Vadakayil May 17, at PM hi nelson, i am from kerala , where the namboodiri brahmins , including adi shankaracharya , have preserved the tradition of the vedas and ayurveda. Vedic viki May 23, at AM Hi capt. A Very informative post, The Akasha,an intelligent space between atom and electrons hold all the real infinite energy, It's an astounding revelation by our vedic seers, But a huge amount of finite energy is in the nucleus as well which wiped out the entire 2 japanese cities , How is it different from the akasha?

Vedic viki May 24, at AM Hi capt. This akashic technology is given to the west by Indians, nobody will ever say the truth, thats unfair!! Actualy my question was is there any relationship between the energy between the nucleus and the zero point energy field?? Is nuclear energy an extension of zero point energy?? Ajit Vadakayil May 24, at AM hi vv, Nuclear fission is limited energy , expensive and creates radio active waste. Zero point energy brahmAn energy is unlimited , free and clean. The power of intelligent brahmAn of Advaita hinduism? The ancient maharishis could tap into this field with their 12 strand DNA.

Nikola Tesla could tap into it with inputs from Vivekananda , he refused to give it to the Rothschild agents like JP Morgan. They tried to steal it from him, for military purposes , hence he kept it in his head and died with it. Hence he was deleted from the records of this planet. The internet exhumed Nikola Tesla. ReplyDelete Capt. Ajit Vadakayil May 30, at PM hi rb, The white skinned Christian and Jew has always demonized Hinduism , to create a sense of revulsion and shame amongst Hindu youth.

For example Amish Tripati is honoured by the west for converting Lord Shiva to a recent sex starved mortal and that too an Adivasi. The Indian media is mostly foreign funded and they are also doing it in a covert manner. She pretends to know Sanskrit. Has that been either patented or stolen as a nobel prize winning discovery. Ajit Vadakayil August 13, at AM hi as, life and consciouness in plants is mentioned in the vedas.

Dear Capt Bhai hats off to you. I must have read this post at least seven times in a couple of days, and i am sure that i would come back again n again to understand the immense value behind your gigantic knowledge Shat Shat Naman. May Malik keep us all enlightened and Bless you and family. Jai Ho. Hello Captain, I am ecstatic discovering this Jackpot your blog.

I am from coimbatore and I am a voraciously curious about spirituality, psychology and the ultimate truth. I want to learn all the stuff you have accumulated and pass this on to as many as possible. Enlighten me please. Hello capt. A wonderful explanation of Advaita vedanta and Indian History, you explained The Premordial Brahman very well, could you please elaborate about What is a human soul?? What happens to it after liberation?? And finally Can it exist independently from Brahman on its own??!! These basic questions mean a lot!!

Vadakayil, Where do you get this date of BC for Sri. Adi Sankaracharya? It is neither the BC of traditionalists nor the AD of modern historians. Can you please explain this date? A wonderful post on Shiv ji, it reassures many things which I believe while meditating!

I read one of them is Music to reach Supreme consciousness, I want to the names of other Dharnas?? Does these Dharnas include Sexuality as well?? Regards : ReplyDelete Replies Capt. There is no meditation technique in sanatana dharma which has not been covered in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra-- and is cast as a discourse between the god Shiva and his consort Devi or Shakti Parvati , These include several variants of breath awareness, concentration on various centers in the body, non-dual awareness, chanting, imagination and visualization and contemplation through each of the senses--and of course SEX.

I would love to read it in your words. I have not been able to relate these two together after repeated attempts. My main doubt arises when some one says the Kali Yuga is , years old. Yet there are prophesies of Kalki avatar in he next few hundred years at the most. Can you please put it in some words for an ignorant person? I will be really grateful if you can help me understand. Regards, Rohit. Ajit Vadakayil February 25, at PM hi u, As per our Vedas everything in the cosmos is energy on the microscopic scale - and is a spiral. The Hindu Puranas describe a number of cycles within cycles, with and cycle measured in different types of units.

He gave his daughter Mandodari in marriage to Ravana. The sun also has another motion by which it revolves round a grand center called Vishnunabhi, which is the seat of the creative power. The yugas during the approach to Vishnunabhi are 'ascending' yugas; those during the retreat from Vishnunabhi 'descending' yugas.

A cycle of four yugas takes years instead of 4,, The first point of Pisces is the place where the equinoxial cuts the ecliptic. From BC to AD it is the age of pisces indian eenam. From AD it is aquarius indian kumbam -- a new age, new sunrise at spring equinox -- precession of the equinoxes. It takes At the end of this Kali Yuga, an avatar of Vishnu called Kalki will destroy all the evil doers.

It is also believed that there is one main avatar in each Yuga and several minor avatars. Yugas have to do with celestial alignment, than with linear time. After injecting Hindu vedas and Upanishads and scriptures with poison , Rothschild gave a small list to BR Ambedkar to write a book against Hindusim. Even an idiot will know it will take a man several decades to first learn Sanskrit and then read all the verses understand it and write about gleaned untruths and incongruence. How did BR Ambedkar know so faaaast? He was given a list of top poison injections and exact spots.

So today a Hindu reads about ridiculous Yugas and becomes self loathing. I repeat "why did shankaracharya stressed out that world is illusory when it was only true at quantum level,at physical level everything is reality you can touch things.. Please answer capt My intention is not really to offend you or the shankaracharya.. The Osho Upanishad Who has said to you that everything that you touch and you see and you feel is an illusion? Just hit your head on a pillar and then you will know it is not illusory.

One shankaracharya was staying in the same temple where I was staying, and he was very insistent that everything is illusory. And he used to have a walking stick — it was lying just by his side. I am an old man; you may break my skull. That shows your insincerity. That is what is meant by being authentic. You must have been reading these so-called great saints who have been saying that the world is illusory.

You know perfectly well that it is not. PART 2 Nothing is illusory. Everything has its own reality. There are realms of reality, levels of reality — the spiritual is more real than the material — but the material is not unreal. You are asking me: if everything is illusory then what is the relationship between me and you?

If all is illusory, then I am illusory, you are illusory. And what relationship can happen between two illusions? Nothing is illusory. And my relationship with you is more real than the reality of things, because love is more real than anything else in the world. Poetry is more real than prose.

The inner experiences are more real than the outer experiences, because with the outer experiences there is a distance between you and that which you are experiencing. With the inner experience, you and the experience are one; it has more reality. The greatest reality in the world is your realization of yourself. And the relationship with me has a reality far greater than any relationship can have, because this is the relationship that is going to lead you to the ultimate reality, the self-realization. They may be worshipped as saints, but if they are not practicing what they say, then they are not even sincere men — what to say about their saintliness?

So saints, mahatmas, scholars used to stay in his home. PART 3 I found out from my very childhood One of the famous Hindu saints, Karpatri, used to stay there. One day he was sitting; behind him was a door going inside the house. I simply dropped a book on his head. Now, a clean-shaved head You should be barred from entering into this house. You believe in the physician? He is sitting there just in front of you. I can see him perfectly well; he is sitting in his seat surrounded by his medicines. And what is the point of having a philosophy of life which is just verbal, intellectual?

If you mention it, I will prove that they are not. I have already proved it. It started happening that they would avoid coming to my village. And he can prove, and we cannot prove, that is true. It is only a philosophy that the world is illusory. Lots of Hindu friends liked your blog which is eyeopenig for every religion. Sir, i have some discussion with my friends what they said is Mahadev is shiv jee or shankar bhagvan. Ajit Vadakayil July 23, at PM hi br, i have mentioned the god of sanatana dharma very clearly in this post.

She also tried bringing fruits for him but he remained steadfast in his meditation. There are stories that indicate that Parvati was shunned by him due to her dark skin. Destined to become Shiva's wife again , Uma is impeded: Shiva renounced his sexuality. After their marriage, Uma gave birth to God Kumara?????? When Vishnu agrees and reveals his Mohini form, Shiva runs crazily behind Mohini, "bereft of shame and robbed by her of good sense," while the abandoned wife Parvati Uma looks on.

His "unfailing" seed escapes and falls on ground. From these seeds of Shiva, Ayappa is born. At the charm of the naked Shiva the wives of the Rishis lost their heart. They forgot what they were doing and started simply following the Naked God. Meanwhile the Rishis also forgot the karma they were strongly advocating and followed the glamorous Mohini.

What is Vedanta? - Swami Sarvapriyananda

When they saw their wives following a Naked man, the followers of karmic discipline lost their virtue. For this you shall have no temples on earth. Brighu, again felt offended and cursed Shiva to be worshipped only as a lingam. Could you pls clarify on this. Shukracharya was the advisor of Kerala king Mahabali — and Vishnu took Vamana avatar to kill him.

This is how old Malayalam is!!! WE all know that Parashurama is years old. He did NOT know head or tail of Sanskrit. He was told exactly where all poison was injected by the white invader -- or he will take 10 lifetimes to glean the voluminous vedas and upanishads and write all that crap.

Stories as Scripture - Part II

BR Ambedkar told dozens of times in recorded speeches and wrote in his books that he preferred british rule to self rule. EVR Periyar actually mourned 15th aug We are already on the verge of ending Dwapara Yuga. Please share your views. Ajit Vadakayil September 29, at AM hi mst, all hindu gurus are now peeking into my blog posts and coming with their own funda.

Sir, Few questions to you: How would I source the birth time of Adi Shankaracharya as different website provides different information. Also, we were so great and I believe in that completely but why we become an easy prey. Something must have gone wrong and no one points out what that was.

Even this great Vedic knowledge that we were in possession at that time there must be a point in history where things went wrong and our civilisation started declining and it would help if you can unearth those reasons so that we have some lessons learned not to repeat them again? Best regards R Agarwal. Did Krishna fall unconscious? Did gopikas give him massage? Was satyabhama bhumi Mata mother of narakasura and was she supposed to kill him?

They used ancient works of unknown poets , poison injected them and gave authors name as DASA Bhagavata Purana Narakasura kidnapped damsels --and Lord Krishna saved these damsels in distress. Nara-ka" means one who is opposed to the Atma. Naraka does not mean hell. The Hindu mythology narrates that the asura demon Narakasura was killed on this day by Krishna and Kali.

DealsUp - 2 — Date October 26, at AM Hi Capt, I want to share a post with you, which belongs to NY times and totally humiliates Sanatan Dharma and says that we are one of fools who think that western inventions belongs to India and more rubbish. The sad part is writer himself is an Indian, why some people downgrade to this extent and that to a Mainline newspaper how can they print a typical racism attack.

Delete Capt. I had asked her—did you see that art on chart paper which I kissed—and she blushed— with my wife of 30 minutes wondering what I kissed and why she blushed — yeh kya ho raha hai Kannur mein? So, today here I am -- after off posts , have just revealed about 1. Rampal denounces trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. Instead he recommends poet Kabir as the 'supreme god'. He claims all major religious scriptures name Kabir as the supreme god. Valmiki ramayana has no FAKE agnipariksha.

Indians wake up! Punch into Google search -. Capt ajit vadakayil.. Do you know the story where shankaracharya leaves his body for 6 months and lives through another person? Sankara finally emerged victorious. Sankara was then given a month to research certain aspects of sex-love sciences and then resume the debate. According to legend, he entered into the body of a king who had just died in order to learn these sciences. Later, after obtaining the necessary knowledge, the debate resumed.

Ajit Vadakayil January 11, at AM hi pm- Without understanding linear and spiral time yugas—aeon the Greeks who have lifted this concept use kronos chronos versus kairos. Kronos time is linear , what we understand today.. It is quantifiable and measured. The precession cycle of years.

Kairos time is spiral stolen from Indian texts by Greek Aristotle based on the Golden spiral in a shankh or conch. It takes in dilation of space-time. We blow conches in Hindu temples. In the Kali yuga the cosmic cow stands of one leg. The ancient Indian Sri Yantra is based on the Golden mean of 1.

Science was practically non-existent and for Human Beings to survive, a source was needed to fulfill its basic requirements and necessities. Overcome with Kama can a man loose complete control of his senses and commit crimes of most heinous nature. Feeling passionate, the carnal desires seeking pleasure from anything sexual, desire to be one with the opposite sex, the act which leads to production of offsprings are all but attributes of kama The nature and conduct of absolute Cupid, the God of love.

Karma Karma is that fundamental aspect of life which runs in the background yet controls the manifest destiny of every living being. Without karma the cosmic creation of almighty God, the cosmos itself would not exist. No individual being has his personal karma. Karma Sutra karmasutra Karma: is the most grossly misunderstood word in all of Scriptural texts. The literal meaning of the word as explained to the masses by Pundits is its relation to the physical concept of a being. You perform Karma as a physical manifested being and this shall suffice your journey to the Swarga Heaven Provided you earn Punya Karma!

Karta creator of the cosmos Karta: creator of the cosmos is one. Call it by the name of Brahman, Bhagwan, Prabhu or Parmatma the Karta Creator of the whole cosmos shall ever remain one. Consider it having a form or a form less being, a mighty computer preset to function based on the Karma of all individual beings Krodha anger Krodha : unable to control this basic instinct present in every Human since birth Is the foremost of all ills practiced by Human Beings today. Cause of differentiation between an ordinary Human Being and a man of wisdom, this is the last of all instincts controlling which every Human Being can become a living God A true Mahavira , Buddha or a Jesus Christ!

Kundalini Yoga kundalini awakening Kundalini is the most potent form of yoga one shall come across while proceeding on the path of spirituality. It is most surprising that in my case I was not required to awaken my Kundalini as it was only after having realized God that I became aware that my Kundalini had fully awakened. By controlling the mundane desires, even the most bestial of beings can rise and conquer the World.

Coupled with full zeal and enthusiasm after establishing absolute control over ones sexual urges Mahabharata dharma yuddha Mahabharata: mahabharat t he most wonderful Epic ever written in the history of mankind! Only through Mahabharata does one come to know of Gita, the song Eternal Can we see the stars in daylight.

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One who has seen only day light would never believe the existence of stars. What makes us believe half truth as the only Truth!! Manifest Destiny The destiny of a human being is fixed or variable. Can the control of destiny be exercised by one!

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Is it possible for a normal human being to take complete control of his destiny? Is it possible to manifest destiny? Dharma Dharma is that Elixir vitae of the cosmic system in absence of which life cannot sustain on its own. Dharma is the root cause of life be it the form of an insect, plant, animal or a human being. Enlightened Being In present life the entity enlightened beings is normally referred to those who have enlightened themselves in the field of poetry, art, mysticism, Spirituality and any other facet of life which is creative and constructive in nature.

Spiritual Enlightenment Enlightenment is something what we have been born for! The entire process of a soul atman manifesting a body right from the first manifestation as an amoeba and until the last leg of the journey the total journey of 8. Hope and Faith Faith is that power of discrimination made available to mankind by God Almighty using which a human being can not only reach God but accomplish tasks considered unachievable. Hindu God God is that subtle truth of life without which humanity nay any existence of life on Mother Earth could not exist.

Reaching God is reaching the end of cosmic journey! One can always feel the presence of God but having reached stage of enlightenment it is only enlightened beings that come face-to-face with God in their lifetime! Meditation Yoga in hindi Meditation: Anyone with a slight Spiritual inclination would say with confidence that one meditates daily. Ask them the right procedure for Meditation One may say, Meditation means concentrating on the core of a lighted bulb in a darkened room.

Moha deep emotional attachment Moha: moh to any object is infested with and becomes the root cause of most harm inflicted on the society!!! One who leads a Life with unattached attitude is able to maintain a balance between the physical manifested Life the mundane existence and the Spiritual component propelled by Atman the soul within.

Moksha Salvation Moksha: moksh is the stage when an Enlightened Human being Who has Realized Self decides to leave the body To become free of all manifestations ever! Freed from the cycle of Birth and Death , the Human being in its pristine glory A purified Atman soul Finds place finally in the abode of God the Creator of the cosmos the place from where it started its journey!

Mrityu Death end of Life Mrityu: is the only factor most feared and dreaded by all living beings. No one wants to die. All want to live forever, become immortal. Can that be? When God created the system, it had to possess within its being the power to change. Without change all would look monotonous and Life itself would stagnate.

Mukti Liberation Mukti as defined in hinduism denotes the end of cosmic life itself. Reaching the stage of Mukti means reaching the stage of salvation as in Buddhism! Mukti is a word coined in hinduism for liberation. Liberation from the cycle of birth and death forever! Namaskar Bowing Namaskar: namashkar is the indian way of greeting one when one meets face-to-face with another. There is a vast difference in the western mode of shaking hands and the Hindu way of saying Namaste with clasped hands. Naraka Hell Naraka: narak located on Mother Earth The abode of those unfortunate ones who owing to ignorance committed sin after sin only to land themselves in the land of punishment.

Nimitta predestined course of life Nimitta: the physical after effect of Niyati predestined Life is Nimitta Everest by an elephant. The Cosmic system is different from the World of Maya illusion Nirvikalpa Samadhi State of absolute nothingness Nirvikalpa Samadhi: nirvikalp samadhi is the culmination of all practices that are Spiritual. The achievement of a goal where one meets the Creator of all Essence, comes face-to-face with his own atman the soul within which is of the same Essence as Brahman the Creator of the cosmos.

Niyati Predestined Niyati: What was predestined fixed by Niyati cannot be changed or interfered in even by God Almighty. As per your balance Karmas if you are predestined to be born in the house of a black Smith Omkar aum om Omkar: Aum is the medium by which every atman soul connects itself with the Creator of the cosmos. Every Yogi, Mystic or a Sadhu chants this word again and again to rise higher and higher on the Cosmic plane.

One has to maintain absolute purity of thought to reap the fruits of practicing such austerities. Paapi committer of sin Paapi: papi is one who is unable able to differentiate absolute truth from all that is Sinful Such ignorants Paapi are required to be pitied rather than punished for the doer of all actions is atman the soul within and not the egoist body!

Parmanand State of absolute ecstasy Parmanand: paramanand is the stage in the Life of Human Being when he sheds all his artificial inhibitions and orients self towards search of the absolute truth. The more one proceeds towards the truthful end, the bliss felt by him in all actions is but part of the eternal joy one had been seeking. Pralaya dissolution End of cosmos Pralaya: pralay is a time not for sorrow but for rejoicing No room left for Maya to play its role Punarjanma Rebirth Reincarnation Punarjanma : punarjanam is a fact which the ego of an average Human Being fails to admit.

Why would one with an average intelligence admit that he or she is not the controller of self. Punarjanma signifies the existence of a greater entity bigger than us, the individual self. Pundit priest Pundit: pandit is one who carries out all religious ceremonies as prescribed in the sacred texts of the Religion he follows. On every auspicious occasion It is the moral responsibility of the Pundit to invoke the mighty spirits to bless the ceremonial function.. Be it the fixation of a marriage, entering a newly built house or the opening ceremony of a shop or a factory.

Ramayana the great hindu epic Ramayana : ramayan is one of the two greatest Indian Epics which teaches Humanity about the science of living! How one must interact with another, relationships between different beings, respect one must pay to Parents and Gurus, all the while fulfilling the desires of the Lord upholding Dharma at each and every stage Is the message conveyed!!

Samvad dialogues Samvad: Dialogues anything spoken in true spirit and right earnestness leads one to a Samvad dialogue taking place between two or more learned people. A correct and right spirited Samvad can lead to a wonderful discussion taking place between two or more persons. Sanatana Purusha the almighty creator Sanatana Purusha: sanatan purush one who is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient and existing before the beginning and after the collapse of the cosmos. From Times Immemorial, the Creator Sanatana Purusha is identified as a Purusha personified as a being that exists before and after the beginning.

Shama kshama forgiveness Shama: Forgiveness is the tool with which indian Saints of the past and present have guided the society to its present status! The power to Forgive Shama , the biggest and most effective tool to conquer even the staunchest enemy is but a matter of record. Shaswat since times immemorial Shaswat: shasvat since Times Immemorial is a term used in Hindu Scriptures to refer to the religious dogmas and creeds being followed by all since Times Immemorial.

Shavasana the dead pose S havasana : shavasan is that yogic posture practicing which one is able to still his hyper active brain, control thought process by gaining absolute control over one's breathing. In practice very few people breathe correctly. Most inhale air through their mouth instead of nostrils and suck it into stomach. Videha Shetra cosmic regions in space Shetra: shetr are described in Hindu sacred Scriptures as Cosmic regions unseen and unknown to mankind. They are presumed to exist somewhere in the Cosmos more nearer to our planet earth. Reference to such regions is made only in Scriptural texts, the most commonly referred to is Videha Shetra.

Shraddha absolute faith in god Shraddha: shradha absolute Faith is the only quality existing in a being which brings it closer to God the Creator. Absence of Shraddha absolute Faith in God can Mar one's Life and bring him closer to behaving like an animal. Shreshtha better amongst individuals Shreshtha: shreshth better amongst individuals signifies the relative superiority of one from the masses in general.

In the older days, when science was under development and Human Being had not evolved to the extent as of now, the control of the society rested in the hands of one who was considered Shreshtha superior amongst all