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On the 21st century Catalan music menu, served at a dining room with windows overlooking the Mediterranean and the world, the sound landscape and musical cuisine are both intimately tied to the origin of musical roots. Open your ears and enjoy! Catalonia has good infrastructure of venues, radio stations, festivals and a broad variety of artists and music industry. More and more artists and professionals from Catalonia find their way to Eurosonic Noorderslag and to audiences all over Europe. And I expect much more to come because of the large amount of quality music that is produced in Catalonia.

It is rare to find a region of the world which contains such diversity in terms of music, a healthy and growing domestic market and a musical activity which reflects so perfectly well the cultural universe of the entire community. In Catalonia, music, more than any other art form, embodies the transformations of society and its roots in a particular tradition.

In terms of its popular music festivals and industry, Catalonia acts like its own nation. Plus, the industry seems to take advantage of the fact that it houses some of the best music festivals in the world and constantly invites foreigners to do business with Catalan companies in Catalonia. This works, because of the hospitality of the people and the internationalism of the businesses. It is a pleasure working with ICIC and I hope Canada and Catalonia can continue to develop strong partnerships within our music industries.

From 14 to 18 September , Vic will become the centrepiece for live music in a festival featuring new proposals for a Music Market that has been twenty years in the making and is now being tailored to meet the needs of 21st century cultural industries and the people behind them. As artistic management is being taken on by three people, thereby meaning that it is considered from three different standpoints, programming will be carried out from varying perspectives also but always in an attempt to ensure that all the proposals presented complement one another.

As a result of this new artistic management and an in-depth look at the needs of the industry , this year Vic Live Music Market MMVV has set up MVLab, a new concept that encompasses a host of activities in order to bring together all the elements required by professionals at the MMVV, such as conferences, networking sessions, speed dating, workshops and round tables aimed at strengthening professional ties between various cultural agents. These activities are also important in order to benefit from the experiences of renowned professionals in a field which is undergoing constant bombardment as a result of technological revolutions.

This series will become a roadmap designed by the Market in order to make sure that no professional will miss the vital concert he needs to see according to their needs. But how does MVLab make that choice? These events are planned as far as possible to enable programmers present at MVLab to decide on a series of concerts that will end with meetings involving the managers or agents interested in offering their own proposals.

With all these new aspects in mind, Vic Live Music Market will achieve its objective of becoming the meeting point in Catalonia, Spain and the world at large for music professionals whilst also. In addition, every year, and this year is no exception, the Market hosts a commercial trade fair with more than 70 exhibitionists gathered between Thursday and Saturday from 11 am to 7.

These forums will be made possible thanks to the cooperation of Diversons, Sona 9 and Invictro and they will form a fundamental part of the MMVV: they will allow talented musical artists to be discovered by both professionals in the industry and by large audiences meaning they may in the future hold a prominent position in the national music scene.

What challenges have you set yourself? As a result, consensus has been reached about the entire programme as a team. We wanted to start from scratch and keep our commitment to the previous edition to a minimum. The idea was not to embark on a revolution, but we did want to make a change in terms of both programming and management. It will be difficult to notice that in this edition because we began working in April, but I believe that in a short space of time we have prepared a programme that is true to what we think the Market should represent. And what should the Market represent? The Market should be a setting where, above all, groups are hired to perform in the following season.

This apparently patent premise is what defines the event. There must be new and, as far as possible, hitherto unheard-of proposals in order to be eligible for being showcased in the forthcoming year.

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In this respect, this is not something we have discovered: all the artistic directors who have led the project have no doubt about this aspect. However, it is another more complex issue altogether as to whether this willingness actually results in effective outcomes. We sought to bring together the interesting proposals of the programmers, projects that are not widely disseminated in the media, although at the same time projects that do have a point of establishment, in other words, ones for which albums have been released this year or which are backed by an entire team in order to make them professionally viable.

Why is this? With MV Lab we seek to identify those proposals that we consider fit in more clearly with the philosophy the Market should be centred on. The aim is to reinforce the idea that the Vic Market is a professional forum where unique, solid proposals with an established track record can be showcased even though they have yet to attain general recognition. Moreover, this also encompasses proposals that are backed by a business team. To operate otherwise would run the risk of the Market not giving rise to any firm venture.

We want to showcase products that can achieve success on a commercial level. We have focused particularly on these criteria on the context of MV Lab. However, the Market is more than a professional forum; it has always had a more celebratory nature. Do you wish to conserve this aspect? We think that the professional aspect of the scheme should be combined with the most popular facet. This square is an excellent setting to showcase the Market before the population of Vic and the general public.

What role do new Catalan pop groups play in the programme? Such bands do figure in the programme. It is important to bear in mind that younger groups are being promoted by Invictro which focuses on seeking out emerging groups who are looking for opportunities.

incert guaitajorns d'en Qlar Qrim, Qatalà

The idea is for the Market to constitute a setting for groups that have a well-established structure, while the forum for emerging bands is provided by Invictro. Nonetheless, groups performing new Catalan pop, as it is called, who have maybe not yet jumped on the springboard in a big way, are represented at the event, artists of the ranks of Le Petit Ramon and Joan Colomo.

This group of artists offer a show with visuals which include images of them operating the machines they use for their live performances. This is instrumental, universal, exhilarating music. The drummer and guitarist from the influential 12Twelve evolve towards realms of personalised sounds with a profound live performing capacity. They incorporate electronic elements that broaden the colourfulness of their instrumental music, transforming them into highly multi-faceted artists.

Bernat Font is a young pianist whose maturity when performing jazz and blues is highly surprising, especially when performed through his own tunes. He is a genuine, efficiently trained artist with a good head on his shoulders. He has played his music all over the world and still holds a great deal of potential. A groundbreaking musician with a highly personal vision of pop and rock, accompanied by Cobla Sant Jordi, a band always open to new experiences, with an enviable ability to adapt to new sounds, challenges and his fellow travellers.

A retrospective of the best-loved songs by Comelade featuring some intimate and original arrangements. If to three masters of jazz such as Perico Sambeat, Javier Colina and Marc Miralta we add a master of the flamenco guitar like Chicuelo, by definition the result has to be something special.

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This combo makes its debut at Vic Live Music Market with the guarantee of its expertise and extraordinary stagemanship. Maika Makovski is one of the most resounding phenomena in the realm of rock and they are presenting their new album Desaparecer Outstanding Records, with tracks produced purposely for a show with the same name directed by Calixte Bieito based on poems by Edgar Allan Poe.

Courageous, daring and complex-free, this quartet have already been put to the test on international stages and achieved much positive acclaim. Carles Santos, a benchmark in the realm of modern music with a long track record has composed a piece for piano and orchestra.

Trailer Molta Merda

CaboSanRoque perform the piece on their machine. Carles Santos piano, Laia Torrents accordion, keyboards and sputnik ,. Popular Mediterranean music is what this group led by Cheb Balowski and Nour produce drawing influences from traditional Greek and Arabic music filtered by the moisture of the Catalan coastline. They apply a wide variety of languages, styles and rhythms in order to connect with their audiences instantly and enduringly. Francophone pop music is the style adopted by this group during their heightened career which has brought them to the elite of Catalan pop.

Anna Roig and her counterparts tell stories in Catalan and French. Although at present only Catalan audiences have been drawn by this group, it is likely that their songs may soon make a connection with French audiences. La Pegatina This young group from Montcada i Reixac are proponents of the urban rumba movement and having only released three albums Al carrer! The group draw huge audiences at their concerts which involve a combination of songs in Catalan and Spanish. Following the record number of downloads of their latest album and their widely attended concerts in Spain, in July they took part in the Bardentreffen Festival in Nuremberg, Germany, alongside La Banda del Surdo and Las Migas.

Everyone has their benchmarks. It is clear that the two French members of the group did not listen to Los Chunguitos and Los Chichos when they were younger. I listened to rumba but also listened to Los Secretos and the occasional rock group signing in Catalan. However, the mainstay that brings together everything we do — even though we took a long time to realize — was rumba, regardless of whether it could be considered that we do not produce Catalan rumba because we do not use a fan.

However, the spirit is there: the dance, the fiesta, the street, etc. You began by performing in the street and in unusual places, for instance on the Montcada night buses, and now you embark on tours of Europe. Do you think that this new album is going to be a sure fire success? If sure fire successes were easy to decipher everyone would adopt the same approach to achieve success! What we have done is try to gather the best ingredients we had at our disposal and put them together in a recipe we cooked with great care and attention. This production has entailed a huge amount of musical creativity.

They are individuals we have admired and still hold in high regard. It was thanks to them that we embarked on a career in music. Was it your aim to produce a conceptual album? The album was produced on the basis of the songs. At the end of the day, audiences seek these kinds of slogans, sentences that convey their feelings and with which they can identify.

You have been able to compare the circumstances of Catalan musicians with those experienced by others in Europe at large. Are there many differences? We have noticed that music culture in Europe is very different. In the Netherlands and France there is a circuit of regular venues and audiences trust the programmers meaning that they do not mind paying to see new groups because they know that each venue uses judgment when determining their programmes.

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    Hay dos modelos, el de los verbos que comienzan por vocal y el de los que comienzan por consonante. Delante de un sustantivo adoptan las formas siguientes: vint-i-un gats, vint-i-una gates; vint-i-dos gats, vint-i-dues gates. El trenta-u y el trenta-dos adoptan las formas siguientes delante de un sustantivo: trenta-un albercocs, trenta-una pomes; trenta-dos albercocs, trenta-dues pomes. El quaranta-u y el quaranta-dos adoptan las formas siguientes delante de un sustantivo: quaranta-un peus, quaranta-una cames; quaranta-dos peus, quaranta-dues cames.

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