From Heartbreak To Worship

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We will never run out of things to wonder at. God is so big that we could think about Him for a lifetime and only scrape the surface of what eternity after would allow.

What goes on in the world is nauseating. Exposure to it makes one anxious. Once, after doing some research on the Rohingya crisis, I lay on my bed and cried. I asked God what to do. He said, worship Me.

From Heartbreak to Finding God

I cried even more because I wish He had said something else, something that sounded less lame, something that I could see the direct impact of right here and now. Before you get anything done, you first have to know I am good.

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You have to remember and be convinced of My goodness. Worship centres us.

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We fixate upon constant love and so are stabilised. I think God wants all of us to go through a time of realignment with Him, and the things that matter most to Him. Just like how when the Corinthian church got all excited about the spectrum of spiritual gifts, Apostle Paul reminded them of their fundamental purpose: To love one another 1 Corinthians God is the beginning, the happy ending, and the one I cling to all moments in between.

Obedience is enough to love a person. We can love someone because He asks us to, or we can love them because we have dared to step into His heart. And the returns of loving a person should always come from Him. When we know that voids in affirmation and recognition are all filled by Him, we become unstoppable lovers. It all seems so straightforward to me right now. Or happened.


Abandonment, or heartbreak, being forgotten, being neglected. Why not reset the defaults of where we run to when we hit an empty space? Years ago, they had a son. Then they lost him to a brain injury.

From Heartbreak to Finding God

Bagwani, especially, was devastated. She wanted to be a mother again. She visited doctors. She prayed to her gods. She begged for an answer to this heartbreaking injustice. But there was no answer. As Hindus, the Naths had never been interested in attending any form of Christian services.

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But as Bagwani spun deeper into sadness and desperation, an idea clicked in her head. What do they do? How do they worship? What is their belief? Bagwani walked to where the people were gathered on Sabbath. She sang their songs. She prayed with them. She listened to a remarkable story of a woman named Hannah.

How can I heal from a broken heart / heartbreak?

Hannah, too, was longing for a child. Could the Christian God provide her with a child—just as he had for Hannah? That morning, when it came time for prayer requests, Bagwani prayed. She knelt and asked God to give her a son. The next week, Bagwani returned. She brought her husband. They returned week after week, slowly learning more about Jesus and finding a peace settle over them.

Soon, Bagwani decided to become a Christian.